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Attribution Modelling - impression by default included in linear, time decay, position based models

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I am sorry but I couldn't find answer / confirmation that my reasoning is correct... 


Default attribution models, such as: linear, time decay, position based take into account impression with the same credit as any other touchpoint in a conversion path. I've realised that when I've created custom model, using Linear one and modified impression with adjusted credit = 1. Comparison to default linear model showed no difference between two models. 


Another question is if I include "impression" in attribution model (linear, time decay, etc), assign it a credit, will it be attributed in conversion path to "Display" bucket? In other words, does impression works for Display? If I have path like: 

Organic -> Social -> Impression from Display -> Paid -> Referral -> Conversion (as you can see no traditional click on Display)


and  we use default Linear model (no modifications with impressions, so it gets the same credit as other interaction in conversion path - explained in paragraph above), conversion attribution to channels will be following: 


Organic -> 0.2

Social -> 0.2

Display (from impression) -> 0.2

Paid -> 0.2

Referral -> 0.2


Now lets give 0.5 credit of a click. Then conversion attribution will look like this:


Organic -> 0.225

Social -> 0.225

Paid -> 0.225

Display (from impression) -> 0.1

Referral -> 0225


Would anyone be able to confirm, whether my reasoning is correct please? 


Thanks in advance for help!