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Attribution - Lookback window and campaign time-out settings

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Hello Everyone,


The Attribution Model Comparison Tool offers the option to alter the lookback window. This is set on default for 30 days prior to conversion. However, if the campaign time-out settings (Admin --> Property --> Tracking info --> Session Settings) are for instance set to 30 days exactly, would I still be able to look beyond these 30 days by setting the lookback window in the model comparison tool to for instance 60 days?


I presumed that this would not be possible at first. However, I am having second thoughts because the 30 days campaign timeout setting might only be used to allocate the conversion to the last interaction in the conversion path. The Model Explorer tool could include all the different marketing channel interactions on user-level and might include the campaign even after 30 days.  


Simply put, how does the campaign timeout sessions influence my ability to alter the lookback window in the Attribution Model Comparison Tool.


Thanks in advance!