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Are intelligence events going away for everyone or just people who find snoopers?

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I received a message that my intelligence reports are going to go away soon. That was right after I started searching for all those hits that keep happening even though my website is locked down from searches of any kind. All of my pages are locked down and I even change my URL often


But recently I started getting a ton of hits from the U.S and around the world. So I began to google who the heck was hitting my site and found the Department of Defense, IRS, Homeland Security, actual military forts, universities that obviously teach snooping, and then a plethora of intelligence from around the world plus communication stations. I also found quite interestingly companies like Ford there also.


Then I get this message that my analytics will go away. I check my stats and the Department of Defense has made 6 more visits. 


It still says I have intelligence, but now I'm flatlined.


I get it. Once Windows 10 was put on computers Big Brother had full access. That was why they pushed it in our faces so much. It would make it easier for them to sit and stare. That alone creeps me out.


So I'm wondering if anyone else's intelligence reports going away. I never flipped that "You must let Europe know about cookies switch on my website because I don't want anybody including Europe to be there. I'm seriously not hiding the terrorist [censored]. It's my private website for me and me alone with cat pictures


I didn't know Homeland Security was that interested in pictures of cats and flowers. Geesh!

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Re: Are intelligence events going away for everyone or just people who find snoopers?

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You know what? Nevermind.

Why the hell do I bother with these stupid forums?

My next question will be (again) how to I get out of this stupid "community" section. It took me weeks to finally get rid of you guys last time.

Re: Are intelligence events going away for everyone or just people who find snoopers?

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Cindy I have not heard of nor have I received any notifications that GA Intelligence Events Reporting is going away. With that being said I am on the free version and quiet frankly Google is under no obligation to inform me of any changes.

As for the DoD, Home Land Security and other agencies looking at your web site of pictures of cats you are aware that cats and videos of cats are one of the most commonly viewed items on the internet for whatever reason. The traffic you are seeing from these organizations are most likely individuals sitting at their desk either bored or on their lunch breaks looking for interesting pictures of cats. If the government was really interested in your site and wanted to monitor it I can assure you you would not know it they are very good at survelance.

I am not sure how you have your website locked down but their is a tool that microsoft puts out for webmasters that will lock your site down securely and then it is just a matter of setting the proper permissions on the folders. My guess would be that while you think your site is secure it is most likely open or full of holes that can be found via normal internet searching.

Sorry you feel that this is stupid forum there are lots of great people on here who wish to do no more than help you figure out how to use Google Analytics and truely understand your websites traffic, its metrics, trends, and user base.

If all you want is a way to access and view pictures of cats and flowers that you find and collect your best bet would be to store them on your personal computer and create a VPN into your home network and do away with your website, VPNs are easy to set up and much more secure than any website will ever be.

Have a great day and let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

Re: Are intelligence events going away for everyone or just people who find snoopers?

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Hi Cindy,

don't worry - the 'Intelligence Events' reports in Google Analytics are currently just being replaced by the new 'Automated Insights' reports already available in the GA app [1] - a web version will be available soon.