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Are AdBlockers another source for (not set) landing pages?

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Hey Everyone,


I've been trying to track down an issue for a client where their landing page report has “(not set)” entries. I read through the great writeup that LunaMetrics had on this ( ), but it didn't seem to match my client. In the comments section of that post Simo Ahava mentioned that it could also be due to sessions resetting at midnight, but a quick spot check for this client ruled that out for me well.


Since (not set) in the Landing Page report seems to mostly be caused by events firing without a corresponding pageview, I decided to look at exactly what was being sent to GA, and in what order, using Charles.


So, this particular property is opted into Demographics and Interest Reports, so the first pageview hit data doesn't just got to, but is routed over to as well, along with


This is what the hits going to this property look like in Charles:




Highlighted in orange, you'll see the PageView hit, which goes through two 302 redirects before arriving at In white is the event hit to this property, which looks like doesn't need to be redirected for the demographic reports.


Now, if I go back to the site with a fresh browser (cleared cookies, etc), but with AdBlock Plus installed this is what Charles reports:



As you can see, the event hit still receives a 200, but the pageview hit goes through two 302s before it stops sending hits to this property for this pageview. It looks like the hit over to that would normally result in a 200 is blocked by the ad blocker.


So, I'm thinking users with ad blockers are the cause of at least some of the (not set) landing pages for this client. But, maybe some information gets picked up in the redirects before the adblocking kicks in? Have any of you seen anything like this affecting your clients?







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Re: Are AdBlockers another source for (not set) landing pages?

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David there are a number of reasons why you can get (not set) for your landing page, first it could be spam caused by an outside source sending data directly to GA's servers via the Analytics Measurement Protocol. A clear indication of this type of behavior would be to look at the host and the session time if the host is not your site and the session time is zero then most likely it is spam. Other things that cause this is the user using in private mode may cause this since it will strip the last location from the http request. What this notification is saying is that GA did not receive information that it could process so it uses (not Set). Other things include the session timing out. A redirect in the URL to another URL. The hit type could be an event or ecommerce hit type, improperly configured view filter or if the session came from an app the app maybe omitting the page view tracking or the screen view tracking.

Your first step is to identify the type of hit or hits that is causing the (not set) to appear via an advance filter to only include the data where page/screen views matches 0 in the following three reports. Behavior-->Events, Acquisition-->Social-->Plugins, and the Conversions-->Ecommerce reports once you get this data you should be able to see a pattern and come to a possible cause. Ad blockers might be the cause for some but I would suspect a very small amount most likely several causes.