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Applying Segments to Views to create charts via EmbedAPI

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I'm trying to use the EmbedAPI to display charts of custom segments. My understanding, which I'm pretty sure is incorrect, is that I can create different Views which apply the different custom Segments and create a chart for each view. I'm not seeing how to apply a Segment to a View, or really how to differentiate one View from the next. The View settings I'm given are fairly bland and uninteresting. What am I missing? What do I need to set up in the GA UI in order to accomplish my ultimate goal of being able to use EmbedUI to display charts (and tables) based on custom Segments?

Re: Applying Segments to Views to create charts via EmbedAPI

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Hi Brian,
for what I know you can not apply Segments on EmbededAPI, what you can do is selected different GA view, that is different thing.
Naturally to overview you can apply on GA filter so data will be different but filter doesn't work as segment