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App acquisition: New users in App marketplace report vs. elsewhere

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I'm working on a basic acquisition report and while at it I noticed some discrepancies in the way New users is reported between various reports in Google Analytics. I'm aware of some inaccuracies in the way (New) Users are being calculated in Google Analytics (so let's skip that), but would be interested in understanding the following:

  1. Under Acquisition -> App marketplace report I'm seeing different number of New users compared to Acquisition -> New users report. Why is this?
  2. We linked our Google Play Dev Console to the Google Analytics account some time ago, and since then the discrepancies in the reports mentioned above have decreased. Before, the discrepancies were in the scale of 100s, now within 10s. Does this Google Play - Google Analytics link increase the accuracy? If it does, why?
  3. Since the App marketplace data is available without Google Play link and iOS campaign tracking, what should be the primary driver to have these anyway?
  4. Considering I'm currently reporting only the number of New users, which of the 2 reports should I go for?

Hopefully the questions are clear enough for people to answer. In case clarification is needed, I'll do my best! I'm truly looking forward to learning this now Smiley Happy


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