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App Analytics - Tracking Campaign Sources

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For an app we just launched i'm trying to figure out how to set up the correct tracking for all media campaigns.

The analytics tracking and Adwords tracking for the app is done through the Firebase SDK and then we have a few separate SDKs for things like Facebook.


This week we sent out an email to our client base linking to the app stores for people to download the app. So far I see no data for this in my analytics account underneath the sources tab (see screenshot).

My assumption is that they are tracked as being either direct or traffic directly from the app store...


Schermafbeelding 2017-08-03 om 08.33.01.png


However we really need to see how many people have actually converted from this e-mail specifically (how many have clicked the download button) and then see there behavior within the app.

I can see the stats from the email program but I can't see of course if they actually downloaded the app and opened it. I can only see if they clicked the link/button.


Same kind of problem with our Adwords campaigns which just went live. The ads are linking to a separate landing page on our website from which people can then click on a button to go to the app store to download the app. So my assumption here is, just like with the e-mail, it's seen as either direct traffic or traffic from the app store?


I wonder if we have Adwords ads with the app install extension if it will then track it correctly in Analytics?


So in general the question is how to track the different channels that promote to download the app? I hope others may have some more experience with app tracking and the set up.