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Analyzing product performance by source/medium (Ecommerce)

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I have ecommerce enabled in my GA account. Products sold are displayed in the ecommerce reporting so I assume it works properly. I would like to see which medium/source led the customer to a purchase. Here is customer flow: Enters the website - selects the product - enters payment data - thank you page. 

For example, I would like to see how many people who visited the website through Paid Advertisement selected the product (also the name of the product should be included in the report - I have only 10 things so it should not be too overwhelming), entered payment information and went all the way to thank you page. 

I created three goals (visiting product page, selecting, purchasing) and tried to create a custom report where I would add as dimensions "product" and "source/mediums" then as metrics "sessions", "goals 1 completions", "goal 2 completions", "goal 3 completions", however, no data is displayed. Is there any better way to track this?

Thank You very much. 

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December 2015

Re: Analyzing product performance by source/medium (Ecommerce)

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The best way is to implement enhanced ecommerce and then you can see everything in Ecommerce > Product Performance report and use segmentation to see users behaviour from specific channel.