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Analytics tracking suddenly dropped

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I have no explanation for this. My Analytics account reports are showing a HUGE drop happening from one day to another. It makes absolutely no sense, I haven't done anything that could cause this. I haven't done anything different at all. Everything seems to be just like it was, I keep getting visits, comments, interactions as usual. Some search results still show my site among top 3. Other analytics services don't show this drop. I have no idea what's going on and if it's real, how do I determine what made this happen?


Edit: My website is in case you guys can help check what might be wrong.



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Analytics tracking suddenly dropped

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Couple of things to check to begin with:


1. is this all source/mediums, or just one?

2. have you made any changes to the tracking code?

3. have you recently stopped a campaign?

4. if you look back into your historical data, is there a sudden surge in traffic? It could be spam, which has recently stopped targeting your site.


John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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Re: Analytics tracking suddenly dropped

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Thanks for your reply John. 

1. This is all sources

2. I haven't made any changes to the tracking code for quite some time. (Maybe I should have?)

3. I'm not running any campaigns 

4. I've been getting approximately the same traffic for over two years and it grew slowly through several months, so I doubt it's spam.


I have no real reason for this to happen, I seem to keep getting the same interaction but not the same visits, which makes no sense to me. I'm gonna lose my mind if I really did lose all that traffic.