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Analytics not tracking referrals correctly

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So based on our in-site view counter (not accurate, but usually fairly proportional to Analytics), as well as our Alexa rating (again, is what it is) we've seen a large and expected spike in traffic over the last couple weeks. Likewise, our ad impressions reflect much of the same. Unfortunately, this spike is not reflected in our analytics at all.


I'm almost positive it's because Analytics is not tracking our referrals from Facebook correctly. Facebook is one of our largest traffic drivers and often can drive upwards of 40% of our total traffic. This month, though, it's down to 17%, which is lower than it's ever been before.


This drop off is not reflected in our engagement/reach on Facebook, either. In fact, our engagement/reach on Facebook has been very good in comparison to other months in which Analytics was recording us bringing in 5x the traffic from FB each day.


Has anybody had this problem before, and is there any way we can go about fixing it?



Michael Jaycox


(P.S. our site is

Re: Analytics not tracking referrals correctly

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Hi Michael,

You said that you don't see that spike in GA - do you mean that you didn't notice any spike at all at given time? Maybe some other source spiked for that time (e.g. Direct/None)? If that's the case then probably somewhere along the way referral is being dropped.

Also - do you use UTM tags for your Facebook links/ads?

Re: Analytics not tracking referrals correctly

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We've noticed a natural spike across our other sources (Direct, Google,
Twitter, etc.), but FB has not followed. In fact, it has declined. And
based off of our engagement/reach on Facebook (which has spiked recently),
that is extremely hard for me to believe.

For example: A post that reaches 15K people with 200 likes, 100 shares and
30 comments would normally bring in 6-7k pageviews from FB alone on GA.
Now, though, analytics is saying a post with that type of engagement is
only bringing in 600-700 pageviews.

It's extremely odd, and it's hard for me to explain that drop off in any
other way than that GA simply isn't counting/seeing the vast majority of
our FB referrals

And no, we're not using UTM.

Hopefully that helps. Any advice would be much appreciated!