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Analytics appends page to different URL

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I am completely stumped. My client has two similar URLs with separate GA code in each, let's call them and


While looking at the view All Website Data for, I go to Behavior | Site Content | All Pages and when I click on the icon to launch a new window to see any particular page, let's say I want to look at /12345, the window l get will always be as follows:  


Note, I am looking at data for The resulting new window view will always be a 404 page not found as /12345 does not exist on


I have confirmed GA code is different and installed correctly on each domain.


Any ideas on why this crossover is happening and how I can fix it?


Thanks much.

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Analytics appends page to different URL

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Hi @Bill J :-))
Couple of thoughts..


1) check the Property Settings page and View Settings page reflects the correct website url where entered.

I have seen instances where the correct tracking code was put on the correct website, and the Property was named correctly in GA too, however the wrong website url was entered in the Property or View setting pages.


2) any filters applied to the GA View that may be altering the hostname somehow?

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Analytics appends page to different URL

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Thank you for the reply. First thing I did was check the property settings and it is set correctly (i.e., There are no filters. So I'm about to just give up, when suddenly...Property settings, check, filters, check, oh wait, did I check view??? I checked view, right??? I checked that, sure I did. Of course, I'm sure it's just fi...oh. Heh, heh, uh, heh, heh, um...solved. :-)