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Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Once upon a time, Google Analytics reporting worked great for our site.  I accessed it through two separate accounts -- my personal Google account and a Google Apps for Education account.


Then, one day, Analytics stopped reporting the overwhelming majority of site traffic when I accessed it through my personal Google account.  It looked like it was only catching some traffic coming from search engines, nothing else.


However, if I accessed Analytics from my Google Apps account, I was still able to see all the data.


More recently, my Google Apps account stopped reporting all the site traffic, as well. Now it seems I'm mostly only seeing traffic (a small amount) coming from countries of the former Soviet Union.


My colleagues also are no longer able to see the full amount of data when they log into Analytics for our site.


I don't think we've made any changes to the way Analytics is implemented on our website.  I tried the tracking extension and it shows the Analytics code is still embedded.  (However, it recommends putting it higher up in the header.)  


I can't even figure out where the problem is located -- in my Google accounts, on the website, or what.


Any ideas what I should do?

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Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Hi @christopher c :-)
Are you able to share the url of the website? It will allow one of us to take a look for possible code issues via browser

Thanks :-)

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Sorry, I should have thought to share the URL:



Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Hi :-)

You state you were accessing the data via two accounts?
Do you mean you access the same property reports via two different logins..
or you were accessing the reports for two different properties created for the same website?


Reason i ask is because there are two lots of tracking code installed on the site for two different properties/tracking id's.
UA-33880298-2 and UA-51853330-1. Using two trackers can be done. however it requires modifying the tracking code script so as to configure it for multiple trackers.. then same needs to also be done for any event tracking etc too. re tracking outbound links, document downloads, mailto links etc. Nt doing this can lead to funky data in regards to one tracker getting most of the traffic being reported to it and similar

The other thing i noticed too is that one is showing a no http error response 
You need to ensure the website url in both the Property Settings page and each View Settings page has the website url entered without any www

Also have any filters been created and applied to the View(s) that may also be preventing data from trackign correctly

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Bronwyn, thanks for these insights!


In reply to your questions, I preface my responses by saying that I'm not a technical person, and unfortunately, the person who set up the website -- a fairly tech-savvy journalist -- is no longer with the organization.  


I did not know that we had two tracking codes active on the site.  I don't know why a second was added, nor do I know which tracking is feeding data to my account.  


My understanding is that I was accessing the same property reports via two different logins.  At one time, the two reports had identical information.  More than a year ago, one of them stopped reporting full data; then a few months ago, the second did the same.


Regarding filters on Views, if you're referring to the Analytics reporting, no, I haven't applied any filters on reports from either login.  If you mean something else by Views, please explain further.


In light of what you reported, and my relative ignorance, I guess my questions now are these:


How would I eliminate one of the two tracking codes, and which should be deleted?  (Or should I delete both, and start from scratch?)


Where do I go to find the Property Settings Page and View Settings pages, so I can correct the URL?


If it matters, our website, as you undoubtedly noticed, is on the WordPress platform and using a theme that makes it relatively easy to set up a newsmagazine website.  However, these have interfaces that dumb things down for the layperson but tend to make it more difficult to drill down into the source code to make changes at that level.  


Thanks again for your help and advice!

Re: Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Thanks for posting back :-)
You'll be happy to know.. this doesnt have to be too technical :-))

First id like to sort out if each of your logins is for a different property.
if you can log into Google Analytics using your  Google Apps login, and go to the Analytics Admin page,

(which you will be able to access either via a tab in the top of the analytics interface or via a link at the lower left of the interface.)
Once on the Admin page, select the analytics account from the 1st column and the property from the drop down in the middle column.. the below the drop down in the middle column is the link to access the Property Settings
At the top of the Property Settings page is the tracking id it starts with UA-
Can you please make a not of the tracking id number.
Does it match either of these - UA-33880298-2 and UA-51853330-1.
Can you also please check that drop down in the middle column to see if there is more than one Property and what the tracking id is for any others on their related Property Settings pages.
While there, check the Property Settings page that the website URL doesnt have www added to it.. 
View Settings pages can be access via the same manner in the last column and it's drop down. Again make sure the domain name does not have any www

Each Property will have one or more Views.

Then.. rinse and repeat, using your other google account login.
Check if the Property is the same one that you accessed via the Google Apps account - if it is.. the tracking id number on the Property Settings page will be the same.
If its different, did it match either of the two that I found on the website? UA-33880298-2 and UA-51853330-1.

Ok.. i need sleep atm, tis after midnight for me.. I will check back in the a.m. on what you have found out, then we can work out what might be the best way to tackle the tracking on the website.


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Thanks, those instructions were great!


For the Google Apps account, the tracking code is UA-51853330-1.  The URLs were listed correctly.  


For the personal account, there were two properties.  One was the same as on the Google Apps account -- same name, tracking code, URL.  There was also a second property referring to the same website URL, but tracking code was not either of the two you found: UA-12120502-1.


I could find nothing with the other tracking code you found: UA-33880298-2.


Does any of this provide a clue as to what's wrong?

Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Thank you :-)

atm the tracking code for UA-33880298-2 is installed via a plugin. I would prefer to leave that alone as its unclear as to who put that tracking on the site or why (maybe a 3rd party re seo or advertising. or similar?)

The theme you are using, does it have in it's theme settings an option for adding script to the Head and/or footer of your site? (Some themes eg Genesis or Divi do provide this)

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Analytics Reporting Way Off

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I seem to recall exercising an option once upon a time to add script to the source code, but I can't find it after some searching yesterday and today.  I think it's there somewhere, although I also seem to recall that if you make those changes you might lose them when the theme is updated?


I did find two other things, however:


1.  A Google Analytics tab on my WP menu that is configured for this tracking code (the one that shows up on neither of my accounts): UA-33880298-2.  


2.  Under my theme (MH Magazine), a Customization tab that includes a setting for "Tracking Code (e.g., Google Analytics)."  In spite of multiple tracking codes showing up in our source code, this field is blank.  


These discoveries lead me to wonder about two possible work-arounds:


1.  Link my Google Analytics accounts to the UA-33880298-2 tracking code.


2.  Enter the other tracking code in the Tracking Code field (although it's already showing in the header).


Do you have any advice on these or another gambit?


Thanks again!

Re: Analytics Reporting Way Off

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Hi :-)
Has the tracking for the property UA-12120502-1 ever been installed on the site?
Simply creating a property without installing the tracking code on the website, wont have it tracking site data.
Tracking id (not domain name) is what ties the tracking to its reports so it knows where to send the data to.

eg I could put your tracking code on my site and your reports would start collected my site data
If its not ever been used, I'd likely delete the Property so as to prevent confusion going forward.

I wouldnt touch the plugin that has installed the tracking for UA-33880298-2
Because you dont know who owns the analytics account that it belongs to or why its been installed.
I did do some following of links.. UA-33880298-2 is also installed on
You cant just add yourself to that analytics account or property. You would need to be added as a user by the person that admins that analytics account and/or property. 

To get the google apps analytics stuff tracking again properly.. the current tracking code for UA-51853330-1 
on the site needs to be removed.
Its installed in the wrong place and i have a feeling that is one of the reasons its not tracking correctly..along with there being multiple tracking codes on the site without being configured for such.
I would look in the following places.. the active themes header.php file and the active themes index.php file
It may also possibly be installed via a function in the themes function.php file.
Please do not make edits to any of these files unless you back them up first and can easily upload the backups incase a coding error is made and breaks the website.

If you are able to find and remove the code, I would then install the following plugin and use it to readd the tracking code to the head section of the site
I would then add the following modified script


<!-- Google Analytics -->
(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
googanalytics('create', 'UA-51853330-1', 'auto', 'gApps');
googanalytics('gApps.send', 'pageview');
<!-- End Google Analytics -->



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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