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An estimate of the percentage of first time visits

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For my site I've got 92% New Sessions which is defined as "An estimate of the percentage of first time visits" and

98% of my acquisitions are Direct which I understand are "Visitors who come to the website without a traceable referral source, such as typing the URL into their address bar or using a bookmark on their browser"


Am I right in thinking that "first time visits" means visits by users who have never ever visited the site before? I'd love to believe that I have such a high percentage of brand new visits/potential customers but find it difficult to do so when such a high percentage are direct acquisitions and presumably many of these get there using a URL or bookmark suggesting they have prior knowledge of the site.


Am I missing something?


Regards George 


An estimate of the percentage of first time visits

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Sometimes high % of direct traffic can indicate some troubles with GA implementation. E.G. if user is automatically redirected from landing page to some language or region version than her could be tracked as direct since redirects do not leave "traceable referral source". 

Re: An estimate of the percentage of first time visits

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Thanks for that, I don't think there is any auto redirect from any landing
page but I will check.

Looking at other posts it seems that you can't take the GA number of first
time visits at face value without checking out a number of issues first

Thanks again