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Am I tracking a mobile site correctly?

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I have two questions about a mobile site:

1. The website in question is on two domains -

- and

- (there are 9 other pages on this website that follow this URL structure) -


is the second URL a subdomain or would it be better to place it on  Does the difference between m. and /mobile even matter?


2. If the answer to question one is "yes /mobile is a subdomain and there is no difference between m. and /mobile sites", then am I tracking this correctly in Google Analytics?  The same UA code is across all URL versions. All the pages with /mobile are pulling through as they should be, but is this the best way to track a mobile site or is it better to set up a separate view to track mobile against desktop?  


The reason I ask is because surely it takes more work for me to add together total visits for certain pages where both URL versions occur.


Also, is it possible that the /mobile url structure is harming the www. domain from an SEO perspective? I noticed quite an unusually large dip in Average Position for a day or two where rankings on average dropped from 18 to 134!! for one day (not seen a drop that much before with normal fluctuations). Could the /mobile URL structure be harming this or is Google smart enough for this not to be an issue?


Sorry, as you can tell I'm quite confused about how this should all be set up and tracked from an SEO perspective.  Any pointers would be brilliant.

Thanks in advance :-)

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Am I tracking a mobile site correctly?

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Hi Harry,


Best practice for mobile UX, SEO and tracking; is not to have different pages but the same responsive page that varies the layout depending upon what device is used to access the HTML.


In your case, you have a mobile sub-directory and not sub-domain.  I would not change what you have unless you were moving to responsive design.


In your case, you should have the same tracking on the mobile and non mobile versions as users can probably access the full site from mobile. 


For analysis you can create segments for mobile users (in system segments)




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Am I tracking a mobile site correctly?

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Hi Theo,


Thanks for the reply.  I was thinking about suggesting the responsive design but your answer cements that logic - thank you!


I'd read up on segmenting the data too so again that's really helped solidify my thought process, that's a great help :-)