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All traffic attributed to a single shared link

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So I think I did this correct. 

I need to see how many pageviews can be attributed to a single shared URL. (I want all pages that were viewed by users that visited the site through this shared URL)


I went to Behavior > Site content > All pages and added a secondary dimension of "Shared URL"  then added an advanced filter to only show the Shared URL I am trying to track.

It appears to have given me what I want - a list of pages that can be attributed to that Shared URL.


Does this make sense? Is there another way to track how many pageviews can be traced back to a single shared URL?



Re: All traffic attributed to a single shared link

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A more flexible way of doing it would be to build a segment based on visits that include a view of the shared URL. That way you can also see traffic sources, mobile devices, demographics and a load of other info without needing to constantly bring in the Secondary Dimension.

Click on Add Segment at the top of most Google Analytics reports, then click the red New Segment button and in the Advanced/Conditions menu, set the following:

Filter Sessions Include

Page exactly matches [your shared URL].

Hit save, then navigate to your All Pages report and you'll see all pages accessed by people that accessed your shared URL.