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Affiliate sales reported with different mediums

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I'm running some affiliate tracking on my site. I received the names of a few customers who claimed they'd made purchases via affiliate sites. I ran a product performance report and added a segment (medium exactly matches "affiliates") to see if the names were there. The names were indeed there, but one had a medium of "cpc" and one had a medium of "referral" (see images below). My questions are 1) Why are these results coming up in an affiliate-medium-only segment if the mediums are different and 2) If they are in fact affiliate sales, why are they appearing as "cpc" and "referral" mediums respectively?


I've checked the cpc name with a cpc-medium-only segment and it came up again.


Any help or ideas would be hugely appreciated. Any questions let me know.


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Analytics Affiliates Tracking issue 2.JPG

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Affiliate sales reported with different mediums

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Hi Sam,


If you used the standard segment builder, the default condition for Traffic Sources is to filter by users and not sessions.   So what you have is an attribution difference not unlike you would find between GA and AdWords.  Your affiliate has a windown on which they get credit, lets say 30 days for this exercise:


Day 1. A user comes from your affiliate

Day 9, comes from Organic and signs up for newsletter

Day 21 clicks in from Newsletter

Day 29 comes from paid search and converts


The users journey was affiliate>>organic>>email>>cpc

Normal reports in GA will show cpc as conversion and your affiliate gets paid.  Multi-Channel funnels show the whole journey (within 93 days).  What your seeing with a user segment is anyone that touched affiliate along the journey.


If you ecommerce using coupon sites, you'll probable see the reverse where the affiliate is the last step - whether or not the coupon worked.




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Affiliate sales reported with different mediums

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Hi Theo,

Enjoyed your clarification.

I'm conducting a research on affiliate sales and attribution reporting. Have you seen any study on the margin or error? 

Thanks in advance