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Advice wanted on what to report on to senior management (and how)

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I handle a lot of the digital marketing activities within my company - this takes in everything from our marketing automation to SEO (inc. content/UX) and social.


One thing I'm concerned about is that we don't do enough reporting. I.e. they want me to update them on a handful of stats each month, but they don't expect me to produce dashboards... I use analytics to check on site/content performance myself to inform my future activities, but there's nothing in terms of delivery at a higher level.


From my point of view, I'm concerned that this lack of reporting could be damaging in the long-term - i.e. when I go to another role where it is expected. They've said I can report if I want, but they've left it up to me on what it is I report on.


I spend a fair amount of time in analytics in my spare time, learning and trying new things in preparation for a role where it is considered more important, so I was hoping I could get some advice from people on what they think would be most useful for me to monitor and report on to senior management, and how this would be best delivered.

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Re: Advice wanted on what to report on to senior management (and how)

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DLiley I can only speak for me and the organization that I report to monthly. I provide the following twelve metrics to them in a spreadsheet with pivot tables for eae of answering questions.
Page Views, Unique Page Views, Sessions, Users, Mobile/Tablet Visits, Average Session Duration, New Visitors, % of New Visitors, Returning Visitors, % of Returing Visitors, Bounce Rate, and average Pages per Session. Every Quarter I give then a list of the top 25 search terms that users were entering on the site so they get an idea of how to better tag their content.
I find that these give senior management a rather complete picture that they can pass down to the content providers.