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Advice needed with tracking site search "facet" data

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I've recently implemented Google Site Search on one of our websites. I started with the basic tracking of the "q" parameter to capture keywords entered into the various search fields on the site and that is all working fine.

Now I've been able to test that's working OK, I've tried to expand it to include reporting on what search facets people have used within their search queries, but I seem to be experiencing difficulties getting it to report as I'd like, and I'm unsure whether it's because:

a) I've set something up wrong, or

b) I'm trying to do something which the tool isn't quite setup to do.

Here's an example of a typical querystring:


(As you can see - that's quite a pain to read for reporting purposes!)

Currently, in GA I've setup:
* Site Search "keywords" field = q parameter
* Site Search "Category" field = mentor_type_facet,subjects_facet, mentoring_roles_facet


In the report, I currently get data rendered as (for example):
* Agriculture (if it's a keyword)
* mentoring_roles_facet: Editing+Support (if it's a category)
In other words, it only reports on either:
a) a keyword, or
b) the last facet in the chain

.... but what I'd ideally like the report to show is:
1) ALL components of a users search term (keywords AND facets used) *displayed in a more user friendly format *
(i.e. I know I can currently click each search query to see the full actual querystings, but I'd prefer to see something like thisSmiley Happy

q=agriculture | mentor_type_facet=Mentee | subjects_facet=Agriculture | mentoring_roles_facet=Editing+Support

Or better still:
q=agriculture | Mentee | Agriculture, Farming, Geography | Editing+Support |


- Is it not possible to report on multiple facets?


2) I'd also like to be able to run reports to query (for example):
a) how many users used 1 facet only, 2 facets, 3 facets etc
b) which facets were most commonly used, etc 

3) Combine/reorder facets to be consistent (i.e, currently on our websites, facets are added to the querystring in the order in which they were selected by the user - that means, in the reports, potentially the same searches would currently be treated as being different.)

For example - for GA to treat the following as the same query:
q=agriculture | Mentee | Agriculture, Farming, Geography | Editing+Support |
q=agriculture | Agriculture, Farming, Geography | Mentee | Editing+Support |

Also - one other things - despite having setup Site Search Categories, if I go to the "Site Search Category" report, it shows all data as "(not set)" which again, makes me wonder if I've set something up wrong?

I would have thought reporting on multiple facets would have been fairly common given the amount of e-commerce site using them, but I've struggled to find any good tutorials with examples. As a result, I'm unclear from the documentation if I'm doing something wrong or simply wanting to do something which GA doesn't currently support.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks

Advice needed with tracking site search "facet" data

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for url: /search/?q=agriculture&selected_facets=mentor_type_facet:Mentee&selected_facets=subjects_facet:Agriculture&selected_facets=mentoring_roles_facet:Editing Support&submit=Search


you have two options:


1. either change the url structure so that it follows the best practice, like: /search/?q=agriculture&mentor_type_facet=Mentee&subjects_facet=Agriculture&mentoring_roles_facet=Editing Support&submit=Search


with this you can add categories (mentor_type_facet,subjects_facet,mentoring_roles_facet) in GA and track them easily.


2. If changing url format is not possible try to implement search repalce filters on GA view for replacing: 


"selected_facets=" with ""
":" with "="


so that url becomes clean and the configure the categories in GA.


try it on a test view, make sure to keep an unfiltered view so that data doesn't get corrupted.

Advice needed with tracking site search "facet" data

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Thanks for replying so quickly A T.

I like the idea of cleaning the URL structure so I'll check with the developers to see if there's scope to change it.

I'll try that first, but thank you for also providing the search filter option as a fall back solution. Much appreciated.