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Adding a country selection page (different domain, different UA-ID) under Referral Exclusion.

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We have two websites. Domain A and B.

Domain A looks like: [no content, only to redirect people to correct country website. This domain A also remembers the selection made the first time. In your repeat visit, it will automatically redirect to domain B selection].
Domain B looks like:

Domain B has a slightly different domain name than A followed by country code as a sub-folder.     


If I add Domain A has a referral exclusion in domain B's settings, then all traffic that moves from A to B will now be classified as Direct traffic in Domain B (instead of current setup where it is showing as Referral). This would be incorrect as it could well be that users reach domain A via organic search and not directly.


Doman B has country level views where the filter is a Request URI matches RegEx /ae/ (This is the country code in URL). If I go with cross domain tracking, this would be a conflict because of request URI filter for each country's website.As the page fetched from domain A will not have the country code in, it will not get picked up.


How can I correctly attribute this traffic in Domain B's reporting?



Re: Adding a country selection page (different domain, different UA-ID) under Referral Exclusion.

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Hey Adil,

Interesting scenario!

I suggest you

a) implement Cross-Domain tracking. This will ensure continuity of session from Domain A > Domain B. and thus preserving the original Source / Medium information even when you add Domain A as “referral exclusion” in Domain B’s settings.

b) Modify filter settings, as follows
Include: Request URI \/ae\/|^\/$


Besides including hits from /ae or /us or /uk etc. hits, this will ensure to include the pageview hit from Domain A [which is the landing page]. Excluding Domain A hit, will cause the original Source / Medium information to be thrown away and all traffic (in Domain B reports) will be classified as Direct.


Your "country specific" reports will also include traffic to the Domain A, but you can create a Segment that only includes traffic to Domain B's hostname.


hope this clarifies!

Let me know if that still doesn't solve the purpose or anyone knows of any better solution pls.