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Active Users report numbers do not add up

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I'd need help understanding how does the Active Users report in Audience works. In the specific I have 2 questions:active users 1.PNG

  1. Are the numbers of visitors counted unique or include returning visitors also?
  2. Also I do not understand how 7, 14, 30 days active users are counted because my figures don't add up. According the image I uploaded GA tells me that in the last 7 days I had 53747 visitors so i started to count them to see if it is right and it isn't (probabily I am doing some miscalculations):

Jan 31 = 8923 visitors

Jan 30 = 7991

Jan 29 = 8182

Jan 28 = 9239

Jan 27 = 9027

Jan 26 = 7584

Jan 25 = 6931

Total 57877 which is 4130 more than what GA tells me.

Where am I mistaking?

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Re: Active Users report numbers do not add up

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This report displays the number of Unique users who have had at least one session within the last Day, 7 Days, 14 Days and 30 Days of the selected time period. It includes the last day of your active date range. So from my testing I see that it is a rolling 30 day from the last day in my range day one equals the total number of Unique Users for the last day in my date range if I set my date range to 7 days then the 7 day total equals my number of Unique Users for the last seven days and 1 day still equals the last day in the date range. And so forth for 14 and 30.
Now keep in mind GA does sampling so depending on how much data you have depends on the actual numbers that will be displayed, also it is not uncommon in GA because of this sampling and processing time of up to 48 hours for totals to change for the same time period from day to day. If you do a report today with a specific time frame and do that same report tomorrow it could come up with slightly different totals.