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Acquisitions for subfolder pages

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What is the best way to track how acquisitions are coming directly to subfolder pages of your website?


If we use a condition type segment to do this, I understand we will also get traffic that has visited our subfolder at any time of their visit, not directly to the folder pages from a external acquisition. We'd rather not include those users.


We've also run a Secondary Dimension of Source / Medium on both the Content Drilldown page (filtering on the fly for our subfolder section) and the Landing Pages report. 


We're just not sure if we should be using Content Drilldown or Landing pages for this type of inquiry and if so, which would be better to use. We also notice that when we implement a secondary dimension, our page view totals change. Is this because the secondary dimension doesn't apply fully to the primary dimension data?




Re: Acquisitions for subfolder pages

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I meant to say All Pages report instead of Content Drilldown. We try All Pages and Landing pages.
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Re: Acquisitions for subfolder pages

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Hi Mary,

I would use:

1) Behaviour -> Site Content -> Landing pages report with the secondary dimension set as "source / medium"


2) Acquisition -> All traffic -> Source / Medium report with the secondary dimension set as "landing page".


3) I would create a completely new custom report for that.

Hope this helps.