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Acquisition source shows as "direct" but gives no further details?

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Good morning, I'm hoping someone can help me with this.


Analytics is showing that our best visitor conversions are coming from a source, that is simply called "Direct". But i can't seem to find any more detail on where this direct traffic is coming from? Frustrating as it's providing our best visitors! Any help much appreciated Smiley Happy


many thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Acquisition source shows as "direct" but gives no further details?

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Hi Nicholas,

The direct channel simply means that the source did not have a referrer, thus bundling those visits into the direct (none) channel. Commonly, the direct channel is known as users coming directly to your site, by either entering your domain into the url bar or clicking on a bookmark of your site. This is true, but only to some extent - if a source does not have a referrer, it will also fall into that bucket.

It could bring in your best visitors, as they are coming directly back to your site (known to the brand) or a campaign of yours is not tagged properly, thus pushing them into the direct channel.

I hope I answered your question.