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A problem with tracking outbound links

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Hello everyone!

Could you please help me?


Here is the problem:

I configured an outbound links tracking tag in GTM, did everything according to instructions using the following parameters:


event category: links
events action: link click

event label: {{elementURL}}


And a trigger firing on elementURLs that don't match RegEx:


Gathering URLs, to which people go from the site, is the point of even creating this tag. And it works in the majority of cases.
But some labels are shown as "not set" in reports. I'm working on four sites and all have the same problem with events labeled "not set"  constituting from 0.2% to almost 3% of the total events. 

1) What could be wrong?

I added "page" as a secondary dimension and visited some pages where those events occurred, but wasn't able to find any link where the elementURL was not pushed.

2) Also, when any secondary dimension is added,  the number of events  diminishes and doesn't equal the total. How could that be?


As you can see it sometimes even shows 0 unique events.

I would greatly appreciate any help.



A problem with tracking outbound links

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I recommend using this recipe to track outbound link clicks using Google Tag Manager. Krista has written a good tutorial about Outbound link tracking as well that you can follow:

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes @Антон А.