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A/B Testing through GTM: Custom GA Report?

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I'm currently running an A/B on my website via GTM tags and triggers based off this code.


The A/B testing is running great, and in GA I can see when each version is displayed with real time reporting, and I also have a goal set up to track when the form on the page is submitted. My final challenge is setting up a custom report so that I can see which version is converting.


I set up a custom report with the Event Action and my goal, but as you can see in the image below the only event action counting as a goal is "Click": 




Any advice would be great!



A/B Testing through GTM: Custom GA Report?

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Have you achieved success in setting this script?
I am using it know but I think there are some problems with cookies. In my case if you clear site's cookies in Chrome before visiting the site in 10% of cases events won't fire.

A/B Testing through GTM: Custom GA Report?

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Hi Ryan,


did you try creating two segments based on your event actions to isolate control and test traffic?


You can then use these two segments by looking at the Conversions > Goals > Overview report, and select the Goal you are interested in.


Hope it helps, let me know if this worked out for you!