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301 Redirects & Bounce Rate

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Hello all,


I have a strange situation I was hoping someone could shed some light on.


We just recently launched a new website. Among other things I set it up to force HTTPS.


This means that if someone clicks on HTTP link out there or goes to they are sent to the HTTPS version with a 301 redirect immediatey.


Does anything in this scenario affect Bounce Rate at all?


The reason I'm asking is that we have a ridiculously low bounce rate right now (if it's real I'm not complaining) and I wanted to make sure this redirect wasn't negating any bounces.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.





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301 Redirects & Bounce Rate

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If the user is redirected before the page loads (server side redirect) then it cannot affect your bounce rate because the http version wasn't loaded at all so no hits were recorded. It can only happen if you are using a client side redirect (javascript) and a pageview is recorded for the http version. I'd suggest you to install the Google Tag Assistant Chrome extension, and record with it what happens when you click a http link. You will also see if there is something wrong with your tracking implementation - for example having the tracking code installed twice will result in very low bounce rate. Let me know what you find

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301 Redirects & Bounce Rate

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Hi @Ron S,

If your Bounce Rate is <10-15%, then chances are your analytics code is firing twice.

You can check that through the plugin here:


If you can share the URL, maybe someone here can debug further


Hope this helps,

301 Redirects &amp; Bounce Rate

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Thanks to both of you for jumping in.


Turns out I had the code installed twice.


It was fun while it lasted......