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"" referral sources in analytics

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Hi everyone,


I'm running an GA analysis on a site that posts high referral traffic. The top two sources come from "" and "". After a quick search, I found it comes from adware and malware sites. Is this the case? I do work with a media agency that buys SEM and some display advertising. Not sure if anyone else has ran into something similar. Is this something that I can filter out of the report? 


Also, the site doesn't have admin settings to filter bot and spider traffic. Will that remove these as well?


Thanks so much.


- Wes

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Re: "" referral sources in analytics

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Hi Wesley,


I try first to answer your questions:


1) you can exclude this traffic from your report by applying a filter on your views. You can go to Admin --> Views --> Filters and create a new filter that exclude these two traffic sources:


Example of filter excluding a specific traffic sourceExample of filter excluding a specific traffic source


More info here:


2) By flagging "filter known bot and spiders" in the View settings I don't think will help this particular case, but it can be surely useful in general.


However, are you sure that this traffic is coming from malwares or adwares? For example, I tried to click on and it shows a page that seems related to Sizmek, that is a known media agency. 


Maybe these two traffic sources that you are seeing are just Sizmek's servers that redirect your paid traffic to your website. In this case, you may not want to exclude these sources from your reports...


Hope it helps!





Re: "" referral sources in analytics

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Hey Gabriele,

Thanks for the detailed response. I did notice the Sizmek association as well, but wasn't sure if it was from our actual media company's ad serving or from some 3rd party. I think I'll leave it then just in case.

Thanks again!

- Wes