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Why is there PPC traffic triggered as spam in my custom segment?

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Hi, I have a custom segment set up to filter spam. I have PPC traffic coming into my site which is triggering the filter and I have no idea why. If you could help me that would be great. 

Here are the segment details:

I didn't know PPC traffic could have spam in it? Is my filter right?


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Re: Why is there PPC traffic triggered as spam in my custom segment?

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Hi Matt, a few things to consider.

  1. Excluding the city (not set) is not recommendable. It is true that it is a common characteristic of the spam however it can happen with real users too. The (not set) label is a added by GA whenever it doesn't find information about that dimension which can happen for different reasons.
  2. Don't use the segment when analyzing AdWords reports. The data for this reports is taken from Adwords directly so the segment is not needed and might interfere.
  3. The regex on your filters are very broad and can exclude real data. For example this parts quit* OR site*. They are also missing a ton of spam.

Here you can find the instructions for creating a segment with the right conditions and tested expressions


Hope it helps,

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