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Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account
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Spam traffic's source showing Organic / Google

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From the past 10 days, I am receiving enormous conversions from India, when I dig deeper in my analytics, I've found a spam traffic has been generated to the homepage of my website containing some sid (e.g.)


With this as a clue when i filtered with term 'sid=', I am receiving around thousands of visits and hundreds of conversions via traffic sources like

Referral / Referral Domain, and Organic / Google.


I have created a filter to exclude the traffic from these referral domains and have also blocked via .htaccess.


Now, I wonder how it is possible to generate fake / spam traffic via google organic. If possible then how shall i stop it?


Note: I am not able figure out their actual IP.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Spam traffic's source showing Organic / Google

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You can check secondary dimension "Hostname" to see if there is your hostname, (not set) or other ones.
And you can set a filter to include only traffic with your hostname.

Re: Spam traffic's source showing Organic / Google

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Fake visits can look like anything (and they do). They appear as direct, organic search, social, referrals, and events. Over the past couple of months, Google has been getting much better at limiting the amount we are seeing, but it is still very visible for small sites with low traffic.

The most effective measures you can take is a valid hostname filter, and using a -2 or higher web property tracking code (useful if your site is new).

Some spammers actually crawl the web and visit your site, so they have valid hostnames. For those you need a spam crawler filter (or more filters since there is a 255-character limit).

You can read more about the various techniques and get some updated filter expressions at:
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Spam traffic's source showing Organic / Google

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Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for the reply. I have checked based on your suggestion and It shows my hostname only, everything looks real genuine to me like avg. time, bounce rate, exit rate but these are junk conversions and traffic. I am attaching a screen shot of it. (

Also attaching the traffic medium / source screenshot below which shows some traffic as referral / referral url and google / organic (

The referral url shows the referral path as search.php and when i searched for backlink in that website, I found nothing. So, I decided to block it via .htaccess based on the guideline article from

Now I wonder, how spammy traffic can be generated via google / organic and I wanted to stop this. Is it possible?