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Source: LIN

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We are running digital campaigns on two websites and both are recording a top traffic driver where the campaign source = LIN. There are no other campaign parameters (campaign, medium, etc.) and we cannot figure out where this traffic is coming from. It does not seem to be spam because there is engagement, goal completions, returning sessions, etc. The Full Referrer is also listed as LIN. It is being grouped under the (other) channel.


Is there any way we can determine where this traffic is coming from?

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Source: LIN

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What are the other characteristics of these visitors?


Create an Advanced Segment that includes everybody that have source:

- Do they have the same location

- What are their browser and OS versions

- Does the behavior flow look 'normal'


- When did the traffic start for this source

- Did you launch any campaigns on that date


If everything looks ok:

- Did you do all the tagging for the links in your campaigns 

- Does LIN match anything in your campaign parameters that you have used


With answers to these questions we should get pretty close to the solution.

GA does not show you the source if you have manually overwritten it. If all above fails I'm not sure if raw server logs have referrer information that could be used to trace the source

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