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Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account
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Segments or Filter? Ranking going bad?

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Hello folks,


at the moment I am using a costum-segment to get rid of all the analytics spam. Filters would be option b - but since you can't remove fake traffic from historical-data that just don't seem to be the best idea.


The thing about the segments is, ....only I can see them. And that's what gives me some headache. Google said over and over again that they don't use analytics data for rankings - but what if ...(I guess they already do, but thats a different story). Even worse is, that for tools like the analytics app or google data studio segments are not available - so I can't use my data and google will keep sending "wrong" suggestions via the google analytics assistent.


Long story short: what do you suggest?


I still hope that google would use some sort of key to prevent fake data to be send at all.

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Segments or Filter? Ranking going bad?

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Recommended best practice is to use a combination of segments and filters.
Filters don't work on the historical data in your existing View(s). For that you use segments.

You should always have your initial default View without any filters . that way you have an unedited copy of raw data for reporting purposes if its needed at any stage (helps prevent data loss from incorrectly configured filters)


To prevent the problem from perpetuating in your reporting forever more.. and so its not unusable in other things like Google Data Studio etc.. is why you create a new View with the necessary spam filters applied.. so you have a View tracking clean data going forward.. that wont need the custom segments for removing spam etc.


and no.. data from GA is not used for ranking/indexing purposes.. 

1) a lot of sites dont use GA

2) the report data can be easily manipulated with things like filters etc

3) Google Search has its on methods of tracking people using search and how they interact with the search results etc.


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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