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My analytics has been hacked!  


It refers me to secret.google.com,  tells me this is my ticket for the URL.  Vote for Trump! 


This is marked as the number one LANGUAGE source on my website.  Also,  tells me that my hits are coming from Russia.  


So,  what can I do to GET rid of this.....usually I have 12-15000 page views,  now it shows like 170 for the month????


Please help me we have spent two entire days trying to resolve this and I am afraid they have access to my website!  


Maybe I can just DUMP analytics??? I can find a third party vendor no problem!  





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Hi @Val S,


You haven't been hacked, this is spam and it is sent to Google Analytics directly, it doesn't have any connection with your site at all.


You should apply filters in order to prevent this fake traffic, this guide should help you:



Hope it helps,

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Re: Secret.Google.Com

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It has messed up all of our numbers....shows ZERO traffic since November
8th which isn't true. Also shows the 117 'sessions' it did register came
from Russia.

I can't get it off, we've tried reviewing filters and can't figure out how
to get one put on to keep it from the site.

We've spent like 48 hours on this and I have no more time to spare.

Maybe we just need to quit using google and google apps. This has been a


Valerie Simon,


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