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Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account
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Problems with Self Referrals

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We have a huge problem with self-referral. 

We have installed 2 main goals in Google analytics. The first goal is to drive people to our Free trial page. Each time somebody goes on that page, google analytics will consider the goal reached. However, most of the goals come from referrals. The bad news is that most of the goal are on the self-referrals line


I give you an example: 


If you go to acquisition--->All traffic-->refferal 

               Session ....................Goal 



SalesWings                                X           


The problem is that most of the goals will be created by SalesWings. However, SalesWings is the name of the company I am working for. SalesWings shouldn't be on the referral page. The consequence is that I do not know from where people is coming.  


Best regards, 




Problems with Self Referrals

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Hi Sara,


you can include internal from being counted as referral source. Go to Admin >> Property >> Tracking Info >> Referral Exclusion List
Exclude site domain here. You would then able to see original source of traffic.


hit like if this helps

kind regards

Noman Karim