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Non-Google Display Campaign & Time on Site

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So, I'm running a display campaign through a DSP that is not Google. I see the referral traffic in GA. I see Sessions in GA. But Time Spent on Site is 0.00. This has been the case on every campaign I've run on every site I manage. I assume Google simply can't measure TOS from outside display campaigns. Am I wrong? Or what's going on there?

Re: Non-Google Display Campaign & Time on Site

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Hello Jared!

Time on Site is a misleading name, it is calculated as the difference in time between the first and last hit of a session. So if your display campaign drives users to a landing page that collects leads, then you will not get any time information on users until they perform their second "hit" to Google Analytics. This hit can be a page view, an event or a transaction.

It is also possible that your display campaign has a low last click conversion rate - in which case you may want to look at multi channel funnel reports.

You can also fire an event based on a timer to see how long the user takes before they leave.