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Mystifying referral links in reports

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I have a problem here which I believe might be unique but may be quite simple to answer. However, I am baffled by it. Please let me explain...


I have 2 clients, they both work in the same building and they are in fact related, though this has nothing to do with the problem. 


I have built sites for both of them in WordPress ( and and both of them have /packages in their URL structure. The problem seems to be that, packages from Express Inter are showing up in Bhutan Center's GA reports. Please see the screenshot:




I personally have no idea why this is happening. Could it be to do with the same URL structure? But surely other websites have that URL structure too??


I'm baffled by it and my client isn't too happy as it's messing up his GA reports.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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January 2016

Re: Mystifying referral links in reports

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Hi Ryan,

The two websites have the same tracking code, they are both tracking to the UA-62166861-1 property. If you want to track the sites separately you need to set up a different property for each site. Hope this helps.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Mystifying referral links in reports

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Oh, thank you so much. Seems so silly now "mystifying referral links" LOL. I guess i must have copied the snippet for the GA into their site but forgot to change the tracking code.

Saved me a lot of headache. Cheers!