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Huge increase in direct homepage traffic

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Hey everone, 


I hope someone here might try to help. 



Since more than one month we observe big increase in our direct traffic for our homepage (not spike but overall increase that appeared on 05.07 and numbers of sessions stay on this higher level), and "not set" as page type/group. 

After doing following research, I could exclude following: 

- we did make any changes in our tag manager / GA settings 

- we did not start some extra campaigns without UTM etc. (than anyway we would see spikes an not overall increase) 

- I check and exclude as well bots / spam as setting in views is correct (exclude bots) and second dimensions (country, browser version etc.) does not show any suspicious observations 

- This traffic is mostly on mobile & Android & iOS - I thought it might be as maybe more users are using Google Now & Google Search App, which goes in GA as direct traffic. This could be a case if the increase would be over time, but not "at once" and stay like that. 


Some further ideas??? 

Thank you in advance 

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Re: Huge increase in direct homepage traffic

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If you go to your traffic report click on the direct / (none) and then select secondary dimension Hostname are the hits counted only to your site?

If you go to your landing page report and choose segment Direct traffic and compare 1 month from start of the issue to previous month: Does any landing page stand out?
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Re: Huge increase in direct homepage traffic

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ES -- You should also beware that Direct/None is the bucket GA puts traffic data that IT CANNOT ATTRIBUTE TO ANY OTHER SOURCE. The old definition of Direct for a lot of people is 'people who typed in the URL directly...' - this is only partially true.

On a related note, were there any large offline marketing efforts that would make this fluctuation seem reasonable? Also, check the average time spent from this traffic and the landing page to see what is up.