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How to Obtain Lost Traffic Information?

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I'm a fairly new website but have been steadily growing. In December I had put on some filters to block IP addresses (Vitaly and Trump anyone?) from referral bots that were obstructing my organic traffic. I implemented such filters before and have worked wonders. However, after I applied these in mid-December, from that moment on, Google Analytics has been logging my traffic as 0 visitors since mid-December until now! 

I do have another statistics program that tracks visits and demographics similar to Analytics and it is picking up organic visitors normally. So, if I know and see on an other program that I have organic visitors (which have been growing at a normal rate) why does google log 0 visits? 

How can I obtain the lost or fix the wrong information since mid-December? 

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 9.49.45 PM.png


Reason I am asking, is because the expo I need to attend requires accreditation and one of the criteria is to have a screenshot of traffic and all the tidbits of info about unique visits and such from a three month period. By the above mentioned issues-that kind of picture does not look good. 

Any advice on corrective actions I can take?

Much appreciated!

How to Obtain Lost Traffic Information?

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Hi @Natalia N ,

Actually its always good to keep an unfiltered view, so that we can get the data even if the filters applied have some issues.
Yes, vitaly language spam has affected lots of users recently. The ip addresses can also be faked by spammers. 
Kindly check here for the filters: 

Hope this helps,

How to Obtain Lost Traffic Information?

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Hey @Natalia N I have exactly the same problem!


I followed the link @Ritwik B posted and found a fantastic guide on how to remove the spam from master view in Analytics using different filters (hostname, source and languages). So that's sorted - the spam is not showing anymore - BUT now Google logs my traffic at 0. In fact it has logged all non-spam traffic at 0 since the start of December (yes, I know I should have been checking but I wasn't!). So now I have NO DATA whatsoever. What's the solution here? Did you find anything? Do I need to change my tracking code or something?


Thank you in advance!