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Ghost Spam - Why after I apply a filter, nothing changes

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I've followed a few different tutorials and clearly gotten myself into a muddle. 


I have a lot of ghost spam, and so I in Analytics, I navigate to Admin -> and under View I click on Filters. I Add Filter


I provide a name, and then I've done a few different things (obviously, one at a time)


1. Use predefined filter, and exclude traffic from the ISP domain that contain "site"

2. Use custom, choose the field Campaign Source, and enter the pattern .*site.*snip

3. Use custom, choose the filed browser size and in the filter pattern, I enter not set


All of the above show the same message when I verify:


    This filter would not have changed your data. Either the filter configuration is incorrect, or the set of sampled data is too small.


Due to the last part of the sentence, I think my data is likely too small. So I click save, and return to the analytics, and the ghost spam remains.


My 2 questions are


  1. If I remove spam as explained in bullet point 2 above (using campaign source), will this remove the domain from analytics as a whole or only if I go to Acquisistion -> All traffic -> Source/Medium and it would still show in Behaviour -> Landing pages
  2. What am I doing wrong, I can't understand why I'm not making any change to my analytics
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January 2016

Re: Ghost Spam - Why after I apply a filter, nothing changes

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good guide:

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