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Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account
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Getting Spam Direct Traffic?

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Hi there


This isn't specifically referral spam traffic, but I feel like this is still a related issue.


My site has been receiving periodic spam from a direct source for a while, with the spam being present in some months, and not in others. Taking a look at the whole of last year for example, it is clear that almost all of this is spam (we are a South African business dealing mostly with local clients. We have clients in the UK, which explains the traffic from there):



When looking into the source/medium for this traffic, almost all of it shows up as '(direct) / (none)', with a few exceptions coming in as referrals from client websites.


As far as filters go, we've got a spam filter which only includes traffic to our hostname, and referral spam is resolved with an applied segment. 


My question is this: is there a way to be 100% sure that a particular portion of traffic is spam? And if so, how should I go about blocking this spam?


Thanks in advance.

Getting Spam Direct Traffic?

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Hello Regan,


There is no such method to check a source is spam with 100% accuracy.

Though we can check some indicative metrics the possibity of that source as spam.

Does the source/medium in your case direct mainly hits your index or home page only?,does it has very high bounce rate? and most importantly how does the source converts or contribute in your goal completion such as subscribing your email,making a sale like that.

If the direct source converts also better then it is no spam.