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From where did I get lacs of Pageviews on a single page?

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On Navrati Recipes page, there was only 749 pageviews on 5th April, 2016, suddenly on 6th April I saw massive increment in pageviews i.e. 68466 and unique pageviews only 3100 and avg time on page is very low.


On 7th April, total pageviews was 190220 while unique pageviews was 8181 only on Navratri Recipes page while all the other pages have genuine traffic. Continuously I am getting these pageviews.


Through Google Analytics, Section "Behavior" and "Secondary Dimension", I am presenting some more details about these pageviews (68466) -
Referral path - Not set
Medium - Organic, none
Source - Google, Direct
Source / Medium - (Google/Organic) & (Direct/None)
Traffic Type - Organic / Direct


From where suddenly I got so much pageviews (traffic), please help me to find out this. I want to remove these spam pageviews / traffic please help me.


recp - pg.jpg



Re: From where did I get lacs of Pageviews on a single page?

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is there no one to reply this query?