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Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account
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Hi there,


I am pretty protective of my analytics usually, but I let this one get ahead of me. in the past 4 days has had 72 sessions on my site but I can't figure out if its spam or not.


I tried the main result when I google to help, but it's not giving me a definitive answer.  Can someone help me figure out if this is referral spam or not?



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It is not one of the common spam sources, so I would lean to it being a valid referral.

Look at landing pages - do they point to your home page or a specific page? Does it spike for a short period of time (2 days?) and then trail off, typical of a news magazine life cycle? Have you ever left comments on there (sometimes your own user link is the source of referrals)? Is there actually any news article that might have pointed to your site?  Use Google Alerts to keep you informed of news/articles that may reference your domain, then you'll get confirmation through another channel.

Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Just use the valid hostname filter and check if it contains your domain and also check if the referral has high bounce rate and if you get any conversion from the source?

If it does convert you can be sure it is not spam 99%