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Direct traffic 'spam'

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Since, yesterday we have (again) a lot of direct traffic, but this traffic does not visit a landingpage. I checked and excluded all bots and spam settings, but still I have al lot of direct traffic.  When I have a look at the hostname, network, flash and browser, I can not find the problem since the hostname is correct and the network and flash player is attributed to (not set). There are only 2 strange things: A lot of traffic is attributed to the "Browser" Varien_HTTP_Client. This has something to do with Magento. However, I am not sure if this is the cause of the problem since we also had some traffic of this 'browser' in the past and also some transactions are attributed to this 'browser'. The other strange thing is that our 'spam' has the ISO Code ZZ. This code does not refer to any country. However, I can not make any filters for ISO Code. When I check the location of this traffic, the traffic is attributed to (not set). 


Does someone know how I can filter out the spam?

Re: Direct traffic 'spam'

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Martine -- I would create a custom segment with the browser set to Varien_HTTP_Client to help pinpoint landing pages and other behavior from visitors from this browser.

Did you also have a large marketing push recently? What technologies were used? Did a new technical piece get added to the website in the last 3 days?