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Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account
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Are these data really direct spam?

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The 4 month(2016.12 ~ 2017. 3) I have a lot of direct traffic. Instead of +- 100 sessions a day, this is around 300 sessions a day. I could not find a reason why there is a lot of traffic(day/about3,000) on our website.The exit rate is less than 60%, and the host name is also a normal provider.There was no spam signal on the server. Is there any other possibility that this is spam or pure vistor?


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Are these data really direct spam?

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Hi @Andrew Lee


Spam is more like something you would find on referrals/keywords or other parts of your analytics where the spammer will leave a trail so you visit his site.


What you metion looks more like bot traffic. There are many bots crawling sites with differen purposes, some good others not so much. 


I recommend you to check other dimensions like flash version, browser/browser version, OS, network, and see if you find some pattern.


If you find one you can create an advanced segment to exclude these traffic.


I also recommend you to check your site access log for those moths, you can have more imformation there about IPs from those visits.


Hope it helps,

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