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Analytics versus Double-click click country discrepancy

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Our digital advertising agency recently ran a programmatic campaign for us and we have been attempting to compare the click-through data they supplied with our own Google Analytics data. We had provided the agency with UTM parameters for the links to our site in order to do this.


I realise there's no point trying to precisely reconcile different data sources when it comes to web analytics but there's one huge anomaly we would like to resolve.


For the same period, the agency reported far less clicks than us and determined that the traffic source by country was almost entirely UK in origin. Their data source is Doubleclick Campaign Management.



By contrast, we see amongst our data 3,620 sessions with an average session duration of less than one second, all of which originate in the US.



The segment used for this report was based on our UTM parameters and defined as 

Campaign: "35"

Source/Medium: matches regex "programmatic|retargetting|prospect".
Example tracking suffix: utm_source=retargetting-rob-120x600&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=35
Can anyone help explain how this oddity may have come about, or how my report definition is failing? This is only seen for programmatic campaign traffic and is not reflected in other traffic sources.
I'm happy to provide more detail if needed.
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Re: Analytics versus Double-click click country discrepancy

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@Richard E;

Well discrepancies between different platforms are common. They are attributed to the different definitions and settings of the platforms.

In your case it could be attributed how Geo location is identified by the different platforms. (A huge topic all  by itself...).

The key here is to understand the settings and the different definitions of the platforms. My recommendation: keep only one "reporting"  platform as long as  measurement methods are transparent  and could be explained..

My 2 pennies about  discrepancies in measuring users'  engagements.... Smiley Surprised


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