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APP SPAM Traffic

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Hi guys,


I've an APP (iOS & Android) that is getting spam traffic on its early days, I've created filters anti-spam based of unknown hostnames and sources.


Anything additional that I have to take into account? These filters, (just considering bad Hostnames and Sources) are enough for APPs?



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Re: APP SPAM Traffic

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Hi Carlos
It depends on what you class as spam. Are these apps actually generating clicks to your website? What makes you think they're spam?
Other than filters and the blocking known bots setting, there's not much else you can do except be proactive.

Remember, you can filter on practically any dimension. It would be good if you provided more detail so that we can assist further if needed.

Re: APP SPAM Traffic

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Hi Dave,

Not sure If I've explained well, the thing is that I have an APP (it's actually an intranet for manage our business affairs, so just my employees can download and use it).

In the reports of GA we see traffic that come from other countries, (of course that's not possible) so I have block them configuring an exclusion filter based of their Hostname (that btw I've checked that these hostnames are already classified by the community as spam). My question is: Is this filter by Hostnames appropriate or I should configure any other?

Re: APP SPAM Traffic

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Hi Carlos.
That is a big departure from your originally stated problem Smiley Happy

Sounds like spam all right and the only thing you can really do is examine it yourself and see what's unique about it and base your own filters accordingly. Spam is evolving at far greater a pace than an article or blog post can keep up with generally. You need to be proactive yourself and create your own filters based on the type of spam that you are receiving.