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15% of traffic coming from or Openmail

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I've recently been getting around 15% of my traffic from a source called;


When trying to access this site it takes me to Our company has not paid OpenMail to run any ads for us so not sure where all of this traffic is coming from. Has this site been flagged as spam for anyone? The clicks aren't leading to any conversions so I'm worried it's just spam traffic. 

Re: 15% of traffic coming from or Openmail

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From experience, it sounds like this is a spam data source.

Here are some checks I do to check for spam data sources:

1) Check if the source only hits your site during certain hours or days. Usually spam data sources hits a site hard for a certain hour or day.
2) Is Bounce Rate 0%? Is Time on Site low? Another good indicator of spam.
3) Does that traffic come from a particular city? In the past a spam source came specifically from just one city.
4) Are they only landing on one page? Page per Sessions should be 1.

I hope this helps. These are the steps I usually take to figure out if a data source is spam.

-Michael K.