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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Been a C and Java coder for 30 years but a total newbie with Google Analytics.  I work in the tech department for a fortune 500 company and one of our business partners uses Google Analytics on some of their web sites.  They have a filter for the specific IP address to our company.  A couple weeks ago the filtering stopped working.  I'm not a network "plumber" but I think I understand the problem . . .


Right around that same time our network team implemented zScaler.  Now, the internal IP address that comes back is a zScaler address.  They can't just add zScaler IP addresses to the filter because many of our customers also use zScaler and they would be filtered out of the stats.    


Anyone run across this and have a solution . . . or just some ideas on things that MIGHT work?