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replacing /default.aspx with .aspx

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Hi Guys,


I have tried to clean up our Google Analytics which seems to be registering entries into same pages in a few different ways.


We have




I need to find a way of combining the two. If I was faced with just scrubbing the/default.aspx, I have a good idea of how to do that but because the other option is not as simple as /journeyplanning/ folder, I am struggling with how to replace /default into just .aspx


Anybody got any ideas?



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replacing /default.aspx with .aspx

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The absolute, very best way to handle this is on the web server level.  That is, do not serve it both ways.  Besides the data collection issue, you are also taking an unnecessary SEO hit.


There is a view setting called default page which you could use but this will not solve all of your issues as it will just add whatever you put there after the trailing slash.  So if you have:


journeyplanning/   and journeyplanning/default.aspx and you add default.aspx to the setting it would combine these as journeyplanning/defualt.aspx.  unfortunately all of your other pages that end with a trailing slash would also inherit the default.aspx. 


Lastly you could use a search and replace filter to remove the default.aspx etc.  More on that here:


My recommendation is to clean this up on the web server.




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