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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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"Search and replace" filter verification includes unrelated pages

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Hi everyone


I am trying to apply a few "search and replace" filters on one of my views. It's a pretty simple operation (or at least it should be) with no regex or anything like that.


I am merely trying to replace all occurences of the URL-part "dkbedstebredbaand1" with "lp=177" (since both URL's are one and the same page due to a rather incovenient "feature" of our CMS).


So what I am trying to achieve is rewriting the url so that e.g.: is replaced with



When I set up the filter - as shown below - it seems to work nicely, correctly consolidating the no. of sessions and pageviews from the two URL's into one (lp=177).


However... in the "After filter applied" section a couple of completely unrelated URL's have suddenly sneaked in (see image below).


So my questions (finally) are:

  • Why might this be happening?
  • How can I fix it?



Thanks in advance, and have a fantastic weekend Smiley Happy


Kind regards


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Re: "Search and replace" filter verification includes unrela

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I think the image would show that the left side and the right side are the same -- that just means the filter did not change the it shouldn't. So -- it just shows the filter is working as expected.
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: "Search and replace" filter verification includes unrela

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Hi Mike

Thanks for your reply. I'll try to copy the view and apply the filter to the copy to double-check that everything works (or doesn't) - I'll be back Smiley Happy

/ Niels