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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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excluding a day from session traffic

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I am new to this, but am interested in tracking session activity on my website.  However, occasionally I run "take over pages" of the local sports website (WEEI) which results in a one day increase from 40 page views to about 4000.  I want to be able to filter out these anomalous days so I can see general trends.  Anyone know how to do that?   

Re: excluding a day from session traffic

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Dear William,

It's unclear to me what "Take over pages" is (so it might influence the quality of my answer).
If the additional views are coming from a specific source (traceable one: certain IP, a link containing a specific tag, etc...), you can filter it out by applying a filter in (a) your configuration and in (b) your reporting.

If the additional views are random like the example you gave (a random day), you can setup a filter in your reporting.



Applying filters in your configuration will not change your historical data, but it will change the data you gather from the moment you apply a filter and onwards. So it's not an instant fix. Once it has been processed it can't be changed, so it is advisable to create a test environment as mentioned in one of the "Digital Analytics Fundamentals" courses and test your filter before you apply them on your "master data".