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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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exclude internal traffic from analytics reports

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We've just launched a new web site and the numbers of hits are relatively low.  

I suspect that some of those hits are from our team members.

I've found a couple of articles on this subject, but they're sort of overwhelming.  And, they cause me some concern that if I mess with my router, I'm going to really mess up other things we need to be available all the time.

Can someone willing to interact offer some help?

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exclude internal traffic from analytics reports

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Hi @Michael W :-)
No need to do anything with your router. Not sure what has led you to thinking you would need to do anything to the router settings? 

You can go about this a couple of ways.
Create a new View (always leave the original default View without any filters applied to it)
Then when you are at work, go to google search and type into search What is my IP addy
It will return a result with your public IP

Then access the Admin area in analytics and select the new View from the View column drop down

and create a predefined exclude filter for the public IP address that google gave you.
If its a dynamic ip that changes, then you are going to have to regularly test it and edit the filter each time
the IP changes to a new one. If team members access the site from a variety of places then you will need to create filters for each IP to be excluded.

If the IPs change or different team members have different IPs, if you are able to create a page on the site that just the team members have access to, then you could create what is known as a custom dimension and set it up so that it only gets applied to team members, and then filter on the single custom dimension to exclude those visits


If you would like further help on how to set either of these solutions up, pls post back


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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exclude internal traffic from analytics reports

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Hi @Michael W ,

I would first suggest to create a test view (if not created) and test the exclude internal IP filter on it. 

Other option would be to install the Google analytics opt out plugin, which will opt out the user from tracking.

The former one would be better option.

Hope this helps,